Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Developing the Leaders Around You - John Maxwell

Anytime I read John Maxwell books - I feel inspired...and I also feel a bit like a schmuck because I just have no idea how he does it all! :)  

This book is a gem - packed full of ideas to motivate and inspire (classic John Maxwell stuff!) toward excellence - particularly in the area of developing others around you.

The essence of the book can be captured by a quote (I cannot remember whom it is by) - that success without a successor is failure.  

One key takeaway:  figure out how to make finding and keeping the best people for my team my priority.  

Finding = recruiting the best people with the right skill sets
Keeping = being committed to focused and consistent development of my staff.  Releasing them into their gifting areas, providing encouragement and a strong foundation to succeed.

My other key takeaway: it is imperative that a leader believe in those he/she leads.  You can't fake it.  I was under a leader for a season - and I know they did not believe in me...they said the words, but the action behind it (such as delegating or entrusting me with so-called "important" tasks) was lacking.  Currently, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my boss - and his boss too - believe in me deeply.  It is freeing - I risk more, I do more, I have more confidence, and I just feel so much more joy and belonging in my work. I feel released into my gifting. This is the same feeling I want to pass along to any who work under my own leadership in the future.  

This book is worth reading - especially if you oversee staff.  Keep a notepad ready to jot down specific action steps. Just be careful it doesn't get too long... thanks to "classic John Maxwell" bursts of inspiration!!!

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