Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How the Irish Saved Civilization - by Thomas Cahill

Yes, this is not my normal "read"... in fact, I'm not reading it at all - I am listening to the audio version.

I am not a "history buff" - I have always had a difficult time remembering dates and names.  I love the stories and the lessons learned in history, but have struggled to keep it "filed and ready" in my busy-brain.

I was prompted to read this book because of my preparation for the Perspectives Course and the lesson I am responsible to teach.

I apologize that this is not a very formal or thorough review -but just wanted to say that this book is worth "listening to" - and if you love History, worth reading and noting. The author does a fantastic job of linking the various seasons of history with the preservation of literature and the progress of Christianity.  It is more exciting than I can adequately express here.  

I am coming away from this book with a renewed sense of the power of the Gospel to transform culture, and power of one individual (such as St. Patrick) to express that message in a way that ripples out beyond what he may have ever dreamed would happen!

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