Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

Story after story after story - of God changing lives and reaching Muslims for Christ...AND inspiring others to do the same.  That is the summary of this book.  Incredible.  Powerful.  Humbling.  Life-changing.

The essence of Discovery-based studies and story-telling approaches to sharing the Gospel is that they are (1) simple, (2) reproducable, (3) engage people directly in the Word of God, (4) and mirror what 'church' is to believers: prayer, sharing, worship, accountability, etc.  

I have been using discovery-Bible studies for several years in the work that I do, but just this past year have felt more 'confirmed' than ever that they are exactly what God desires me to do.  

Its power lies in simplicity: seekers engage God's Word directly and are immediately encouraged to put it into practice through obedience, as well as sharing with their friends and family.  No seminary training needed, no classes on 'discipleship' or even evangelism training.  Simple modeling and releasing. Done and done.

"Until recent years, this approach has largely been overlooked because it is so simple, and it is counterintuitive to the way ministries normally do evangelism."  

The major principles of this form of Discovery Bible study are below -
(1) Go slow in order to go fast.
(2) Focus on a few to win the many.
(3) Engage an entire family or group, not just the individual.
(4) Share only when and where people are ready to hear.
(5) Start with Creation, not Christ.
(6) It's about discovering and obeying, not teaching and knowledge.
(7) Disciple people to conversion, not vice versa.
(8) Coach lost people from the beginning to discover and obey biblical truth.
(9) Prepare to spend a long time making strong disciples, but anticipate miraculous accelerations.
(10) Expect the hardest places to yield the greatest results.

And above ALL....PRAY.  PRAY.  PRAY... and PRAY some more, then PRAY again.  PRAYER opens doors, defeats strongholds, and begets miracles.  Don't bother doing anything unless you are in prayer - before, during, after and always.

If you want to know more...ask me...but my personal summary and response to this book is this:  WHY would I EVER want to do ANYTHING ELSE WITH MY LIFE THAN THIS?

Done and done.

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