Monday, December 3, 2012

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller

Gospel-humility.  Definitely one of my goals.  But how?  When one pursues humility directly, it is elusive.  It becomes a focus in and of itself, which is counter-productive to the whole idea. 

Tim Keller addresses this is in his short but power-packed booklet on Self-Forgetfulness.  Our egos are always busy - looking to fill themselves up on something.  We are usually over-inflated or under-inflated...but either way, we are puffed up on the proverbial 'hot air' instead of filled up with the 'solidness' of Christ.

Keller builds his talk on the book of Corinthians - Paul says that he cares very little if he is judged by any human court and he does not even judge himself! 

Keller states,
"Gospel-humility is not needing to think about myself.  Not needing to connect things with myself.  It is an end to thoughts such as, 'I'm in this room with these people, does that make me look good?  Do I want to be here?'  True gospel-humility means I stop connecting every experience, every conversation, with myself.  In fact, I stop thinking about myself.  The freedom of self-forgetfulness.  The blessed rest that only self-forgetfulness brings." 


"A truly Gospel-humble person is not a self-hating person or a self-loving person, but a gospel-humble person.  The truly gospel-humble person is a self-forgetful person whose ego is just like his or her toes.  It just works.  It does not draw attention to itself." 

C.S. Lewis states that humility is not thinking less of oneself, but thinking of oneself LESS. 

In  true Gospel-Christianity, the VERDICT of Christ's righteousness leads to our performance; our performance does NOT lead to the verdict.  We are declared righteous. 

Keller closes his booklet with this...
"Like Paul, we can say, 'I don't care what you think.  I don't even care what I think.  I only care about what the Lord thinks.'  And he has said, 'Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,' and 'You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.'  Live out of that.

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